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Release of Information/File Request

Due to federal law (FERPA), the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities is not able to share information about a student's case without the student's permission. Students have the right to receive a copy of all or parts of their conduct file. To do so, a student must complete. sign, and return the a request form in our office in 310 Steele Hall. Forms can be picked up and completed in our office or printed from this page and returned to our office completed. After receiving the form the Office of Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities has 45 business days to process the request. Two different types of request forms are available. 

  1. Consent to Disclose Disciplinary Records - this form permits students to request a copy of their disciplinary file to be sent to a specific individual, including themselves.
  2. Consent to Verbally Discuss Disciplinary Records - this form allows students to authorize the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities to discuss their disciplinary file with a specific person(s). Once a release is received, staff will be able to speak openly with the person indicated by the student on the form.

Students wishing to obtain a copy of their file prior to their Informal Resolution meeting should submit the Consent to Disclose Disciplinary Records at least 3 business days prior to their meeting to allow staff time to copy and redact the file.

Questions about completing this form correctly can be referred to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities.